Name: Kilian van der Velden



Date of Birth: 26-04-1973

Nationality: Dutch

Qualified: Engineering (MTS)








1991-94 (MTS) Engineering, The Hague

1995-96 Art Academy Interior Architecture, Rotterdam

2001-05 (DKO) Academy of fine Art, Bachelor Stonemason, Antwerp

2005-07 (DKO) Academy of fine Art, Master Stonemason, Antwerp




Work Experience


1995-97 worked for ongoing a period for Inaxi Holland

1997 worked for ongoing a period for SSI Gerry Kirk, California




Professional Sand-sculpture Work


06-1995 Lage Landen, Sand-sculpture, Inaxi,Hackenheim, Germany

01-1996 Van de Werf, Sand-sculpture, Leiden, Holland

08-1906 Kaleidoskop, Sand-sculpture, Martin Tulinius, Federicia, Denmark

09-1996 Gall&Gall, Sand-sculpture, Inaxi, Holland

12-1996 City town hall, Sand-sculpture, Inaxi, The Hague, Holland

01-1997 Board of Tourism, Sand-sculpture, Inaxi,Cologne, Germany

03-1997 Warner Bros, Sand-sculpture, SSI, LA California. USA

04-1997 Liberty Mutual, Sand-sculpture, SSI, Atlanta Georgia, USA

06-2006 Amusement park, Sand-sculpture, Inaxi, Leipzig, Germany

08-2006 Amusement park, Sand-sculpture, Inaxi, Ingolstadt, Germany

06-2007 Fire and Earth (Leo), Sand-sculpture, Inaxi, St. Pieter in der Au, Austria




Professional Styrofoam Work


02/04-1997 Niky de Saint Phill, Styrofoam, SSI, San Diego California, USA





Professional Painting Work


06-2002 Mural (5 m²), The Hague, Holland

09-2003 Lollapalooza, Mural (36 m²), Antwerp, Belgium

04-2004 La Rocca, Mural (1 m²), Antwerp, Belgium

09-2004 Mural (8 m²), Kruibeke, Belgium

10-2004 Stereo Sushi, Mural (15 m²), Antwerp, Belgium

11-2004 Stereo Sushi, Mural (4 m²), Antwerp, Belgium

01-2005 Dean&Deluca, Mural (40 m²), Alkmaar, Holland

02-2005 Lollapalooza, Mural (6 m²), Antwerp, Belgium

03-2005 Mural (10 m²), Tisselt, Belgium

04-2005 Mural (14 m²), Beerse, Belgium

10-2005 Stereo Sushi, Mural panel (2m²), Antwerp, Belgium

11-2005 B&B Domaine du Cien, Mural 5x panels (3m²) Deventage, Belgium

12-2006 Mural (10m²), Edam, Holland

12-2006 Mural 2x panels (1m²), Edam, Holland




Professional Stone Work


06-2003 Marble, two Angel heads, Antwerp, Belgium

07-2005 Marble, two Ornaments (Spewers), Italy

12-2005 Euville, Greek Ornament, Heemstede

01-2006 Irish Blue Stone, Facade, Oosterhout, Holland

03-2006 Irish Blue Stone, Portrait, Oosterhout, Holland

10-2008 Mix stonework, Compelatie, Go-Art, Belgium





1999 Sand-sculpture Competition, WSSI, Singapore

Sand-sculpture Competition, WSSI Grand Canary

2001 Sand-sculpture Competition, WSSI Scheveningen, Holland

          Marble, Ornament

          Limestone, Angel head

2002 Sand-sculpture, Festival, Tossens, Germany

          Irish Bleustone, feet

          Limestone, little hand right side

          Marble, little hand left side

2004 Sand-sculpture Festival, Tossens, Germany

2005 Sand-sculpture Festival, Tossens, Germany

2006 Sand-sculpture Festival, Berlin, Germany

2007 Sand-sculpture Festival, Berlin, Germany 

Marble, Male Bust

2008 Sand-sculpture Competition, Valladolid, Spain (2nd  price)

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy







Festivals, Symposia & Competitieons


1995 Sand-sculpture Competition, Scheveningen, Holland

1996 Sand-sculpture Competition, Scheveningen, Holland (3rd price)

          Sand-sculpture Competition, Makkum, Holland (1st  price)

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

1997 Sand-sculpture Competition, Scheveningen, Holland (1st price)

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Roskilde, Denmark

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Sea Burg, Belgium 

          Sand-sculpture Festival, San Diego, California, USA

1998 Sand-sculpture Competition, Scheveningen, Holland

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Blokhus, Denmark (1st  price)

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Galway, Ireland

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Sea Burg, Belgium

1999 Sand-sculpture Competition, Scheveningen, Holland

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Sea Burg, Belgium

2001 Sand-sculpture Festival, Blokhus, Denmark

          Sand-sculpture Competition, St. Petersburg, Russia (3th price)

2004 Sand-sculpture Festival, Berlin, Germany

2005 Sand-sculpture Festival, Berlin, Germany

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

2006 Sand-sculpture Festival, Vienna, Austria

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Trävemunde, Germany

2007 Sand-sculpture Competition, Scheveningen, Holland

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Witten, Germany

2008 Sand-sculpture Festival, FIESA, Portugal

          Sand-sculpture Festival, Burgas, Bulgaria